We offer

Bringing your innovative ideas to life.
Enjoy your growth from Startup to a worldwide enterprise with us.

We offer

  • Embedded development R&D | based on Pixout OS (Linux)
  • Web development | Full Stack
  • Mobile software development | Android | iOS
  • Windows | Linux | MacOS
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management

Skills / tech stack


Adopting Pixout OS for project needs, wrapping toolchains into Docker container with CI integration. Buildroot | WSL| POSIX


Fullstack development with responsive layout and packaging. Angular | VUE | React JS | PHP | Go lang


Cross-platform applications for Windows, Linux and MacOS on latest frameworks. Qt | JUCE | Electron JS


Hybrid and Native software for Apple/Google devices. Flutter | React Native | Native iOS | Kotlin


Maintenance and configuration. Test plan | Unit test | Smoke test | White and black box testing

Project Management

Helping to understand the scope of the project and prepare requirements. SRS | FRS | Estimate | Integration Plan

How we work


We might refuse to work with your idea, if we discuss it within the team and see no additional value in it. Sounds harsh but there is a reasoning behind. Since we are a team of highly motivated specialists, there is no place for monkey jobs in our daily schedules. We maintain this luxury of choice because we want to create cool stuff. Of course, there are always some mundane tasks to do, but on a bigger scale we choose to aim big.

We are not spraying ourselves over multiple projects. Once there is a solid project undertaken, the whole team is fully hands on, engaged and dedicated.

Top quality is the goal. Striving for excellence in everything we do, including coding, design, documentation, and process management. Otherwise it’s not worth it to start working.

Hourly rate only. Top quality requires more effort and extra miles walked, that’s why we want to make sure you prioritise quality over tight budgets.

Once we agreed on a timeframe, you can expect project delivery strictly on time. We are ready to work hard to celebrate our common win. We already heard this bottle of Veuve Clicquot opening. Or Kombucha.

About us

  • knowledgeable and flexible

    We don’t know everything (nobody does), but we are fast-learners. Combination of solid knowledge and experience with learning on the fly makes us a great and flexible partner to strive together with.

    We use a proven technology stack, and are always ready to advise on the best suitable solution. If you need something more extravagant, just let us know ‒ we are ready to become experts in a new field too.

  • Innovative team

    We are a team of people who first and foremost are eager to create, whether it be a new feature or a company culture. We are not here for perks and benefits, although we have ones. If you are on the same page and you feel that vibe, join us and become a partner.

About us

We like to think of ourselves as code, which becomes better and better with every new iteration. At the very beginning we were working on our own projects and were helping other companies to develop and implement their ideas. Every new project has led us to the understanding that we are capable of much more than previously thought. And now we are here, ready to start another chapter of reinventing ourselves, trying to be async whenever it’s possible.

This chapter is not about “we do as customers say”, because we seek a meaningful partnership and contribution. We treat every business like our own, which means we do care. We won’t stop until we develop the best solution possible to solve your problem or to bring your idea to life.

We are equally good at legacy code refactoring, new features development or launching new products to the market thanks to our team of skillful professionals. Every team member has more than 15 year of experience in the IT field, and no way we are old schoolers. We are trendy, edgy and fun, and we’d like to work with like-minded people.

Innovative Team

Meet our team members


Process Fuse

All about driving our cutting-edge IoT solutions, rallying a dream team, and forging rock-solid relationships with customers, investors, and partners, all while keeping our vision sharp and our innovations rolling.




C/C++ Wielding code ninja.



Nerd Blaster

Fearlessly dives into the depths of Node JS code, blasting through bugs and crafting digital wonders with unmatched geeky prowess.



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